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Augusta Group

Augusta with its simple,minimalist design is easily adaptable to any environment, classic or contemporary. Equipped with a 14-liter boiler and customizable display, Augusta is a coffee machine in the middle range. All components are of high Italian quality. Its performance combined with the excellent extraction of the coffee, are providing an aromatic and special espresso, comparable to the high-quality machines.


  • Electronic and Semiautomatic
  • Boiler from 4,5 lt end 19 lt
  • Emergency Buttons
  • New ring groups
  • Customizable display in several languages
  • Water meter brass
  • Water system electronics
  • Accessible for maintenance
  • Fully electronic with doses adjusted from group for the entire machine

Augusta 2 Group

 Augusta 1 Group


Technical specifications
 1 Group2 Group3 Group
Width 33 cm 66 cm 88 cm
Depth 54 cm 54 cm 54 cm
Height 54 cm 54 cm 54 cm
Weight 35 Kg 65 Kg 85 Kg
Boliel 4,5 lt 14 lt 19 lt
Thermal Power 1500 w 3500 w 4500 w
Voltage 110/220 220/380 220/380







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