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The coffee machine Junior is the ideal product for use in small companies that have a reduced consumption of coffee and do not want to give up the qualities of a true Italian espresso. In addition, for those who love the made ​​in Italy and does not want to give up the cappuccino, the Junior is perfectly suited to use at home for an espresso as if it were at the bar.


  • Caldaia da 1,8 lt
  • Completamente in acciaio inox oppure verniciata
  • Disponibile in diversi colori
  • Lance vapore e acqua calda cromate


Technical specifications
 1 Group E61
Width 30
Profundity 45 cm
Height 35 cm
Weight 35 Kg
Boliel 1,8 lt
Thermal Power 1350 w
Voltage 220 v







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